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Why I Prefer Best Masticating Juicers Among All Of Other Juicers?

Is there anything like the best juicer? Can we really say that masticating juicers are the best machines to have? Many people are now moving from centrifugal juicers to masticating juicers.

The best masticating juicers make juicing an enjoyable task, and you end up getting a high-quality juice. There are so many benefits that come with masticating juicers hence making them better than other juicers that exist on the market today.


If you are looking for a machine that will produce less pulp, more juice, and you are patient enough to wait; you need to find the best masticating juicer. The following are some of the things that make best masticating juicers outstanding.

Slow But Sure

Masticating juicers feature a single gear and blade. This makes the machine to operate slowly as compared to centrifugal juicers. The fruits and vegetables are crushed slowly until they are in a liquid form. The liquid is then moved to the mesh filter. You need to be patient, and you will enjoy drinking the best juice ever.

Other types of juicers operate at a relatively high speed leading to heat building up. This can make the juice warm or speed oxidation process.

If you really need tasty juices, it is important to get a masticating juicer that is slow but sure. The machine does not compromise the quality of juice produced.

Reduced Oxidation

Oxidation is likely to occur when you have a juicer that operates at a fast speed. With a masticating juicer, the slow movement of the blade and the gear reduces chances of oxidation from taking place. This is to say that your juice will not be damaged by oxygen immediately. You can prepare your favorite juice without losing any nutrients, and the juice can last for up to three days.

Masticating juicer has a powerful low speed motor that works slowly meaning there will be less oxidation. You do not have to keep on juicing every day because the juice you prepare can last longer without getting bad.

High Yield Juice

People who wish to continue juicing for a long period of time will find masticating juicers very useful. The machines require less input, and the end product is a high juice yield.

The masticating juicers produce more juice as compared to centrifugal juicers. You end up getting less foam and less pulp, which is dry.

This is an economical juicing machine that allows you to use fewer fruits and vegetables for more juice. You end up saving more money because you only need to purchase fewer fruits and vegetables as compared to having a centrifugal juicer.

Flavorful And Nutritious Juices

The taste of the juice that you prepare greatly matters. You do not want to make a juice that will be difficult for you to drink. When you are using the best masticating juicer, you are assured of flavorful and nutritious juices that you can drink for a long period of time. This gives you the morale to continue making juices for a healthy living.


You can juice everything when having a masticating juicer. It doesn’t matter when you want to juice leafy greens, wheatgrass, or hard and soft vegetables, the machine will do it all.

This is a multi-functional machine that can perform a variety of functions, including making baby food, preparing nut butters and sorbets among others.

Masticating juicers save you money because you do not need to buy other appliances like mincers or grinders. They have the ability to perform different functions.

Silent Operation

This is another great feature that makes masticating juicers different from other juicers. It works without producing any noise hence giving you a great time. You can have a great time preparing your favorite juices without waking anybody in the house.

Having a juicer that makes a lot of noise may even discourage you from preparing fresh juice if you do not like noisy machines. You can count on a masticating juicer for a smooth operation and a better juice yield.


Before you purchase any juicer, it is important to consider the durability of the machine. You can end up buying a machine that will break down after using it several times. You do not to keep on buying juicers now and then since you will spend more money.

When you are having the best masticating juicer, you are assured of a long-lasting  use. This is because the machines are constructed using durable materials to last longer.

The low-speed  operation is another important factor that makes the best masticating juicers to last forever. There is a slower rate of rotation of the single auger that makes the machine to last for a long period of time.

Ease Of Cleaning

Best Masticating juicers are very easy to operate. Once you are through with preparing juices, it will be a very simple task to clean the machine. This is a great selection for people who live a busy lifestyle, therefore, do not have enough time to other activities such as cleaning.

The parts are few and easy to remove when you are cleaning the juicer. When your juicer is effectively cleaned, you end up getting a high-quality juice with a nice taste.

Final Words

There are different types of masticating juicers that are available on the market today. It is advisable to carry out a thorough research in order to get a juicer that will meet your needs.

Best Masticating juicers are expensive as compared to centrifugal juicers, but they offer you with tasty and delicious juices. Investing in such a machine ensures that you get a product that will last longer.

Juicing is becoming popular because many people have realized the health benefits that it brings. There are nutrients that your body does not get when you eat fruits and vegetables, and this can be solved through juicing.

If you have the best masticating juicer, you will have an easy time preparing your favorite natural drinks, which are rich in nutrients, enzymes and minerals.

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