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How to choose a juicer ? 5 Things To Consider Before you Go – Updated 2017

Regular consumption of freshly pressed fruit and vegetable juices provides you with high energy levels, clear skin, and many more benefits. This is why you need to have the best juicer that will deliver high-quality juices. How to choose a juicer? This is one of the common questions for all who loves juicing specially. Look at below.

There are so many juicers available in the market for purchase today making it difficult to select the right one that will meet your juicing needs.

If you are looking for a juicer that will provide you with clean and pulp-free juice, a masticating juicer will be a perfect choice. This is a type of a juicer that rotates at around 80 RPM and chew the fruits and veggies slowly to provide you with the best juices ever. The quality of juices produced is much better as compared to other types of juicers you will find on the market.

How to choose a juicer

To select the best masticating juicer, it is important to carry out extensive research to ensure you get the best product. There are several factors that you need to consider before selecting a masticating juicer. The following are five things to consider before choosing the best masticating juicer.

How To Choose A Juicer | Detailed Overview

Speed and Power

When selecting a masticating juicer, you should not be bothered about the speed. This is because the masticating juicers are slow, and you will not expect a speed above 100 RPM. The slow speed makes the juicers better with high-quality yield.

Low speed is ideal when extracting juices from leafy veggies while the high speed is perfect for delicious veggies and fruits. When it comes to power, the motor output develops torque instead of speed.

Ease of Maintenance

When selecting the best masticating juicers, it is important to look for one that is maintenance friendly. In most cases, you will find that masticating juicers have interlocked parts that can take a lot of time when assembling or dismantling. You need to select a juicer that will be easy to clean and comes off quickly.

You can as well go for masticating juicers with a reverse motion. This is important because they allow you to unclog the gears when cleaning without necessarily dismantling them.


Not every masticating juicer you will find in the market is easy to operate. Operating a masticating juicer is not a simple process because they take relatively a lot of time but produce a lot of high-quality juices.

Selecting a masticating juicer that is small in size makes your work easy because they are simple to handle and operate. You can quickly dismantle it, move it from one place to another and store effectively inside the kitchen cabinets.

Single Gear versus Double Gear

A masticating juicer with a single gear is less expensive and cannot provide you with services for more than two years. A double gear masticating juicer can handle almost everything. They require more power and are slow in speed. A masticating juicer with double gear is durable and have the ability to handle heavy loads as compared to single gear juicers.

Level of Noise

This is highly dependent on the motor power of the juicer. If the motor is very powerful, more noise will be produced. Having a masticating juicer with low motor, this means less noise and less power is produced.

How to choose a juicer

Final Verdict…

The above guide will greatly help you select the best masticating juicer or best juicer that will deliver healthy and quality juices. You do not want to go to the market and select any masticating juicer that you come across. Hope You have already got your answers ” How to choose a juicer .” Above are the tips you already know.

Knowing the things to look for before you make your purchase makes your work easy, and you can select a functional juicer that will provide you with quality juices always.

As much as masticating juicers are expensive as compared to other types of juicers, they are worth your investment. They are slower and provide the user with quality juices and a much drier pulp. Buy one today, and get the opportunity to enjoy a healthy life when you make juicing part of your lifestyle.

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