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Juicing is a great source of nutrition. Done right, juicing can be a diet supplement. NIA recommends people to eat Vegetable and fruit 5-6 times in a day which contribute to prevent serious diseases, Fulfilled calories as well as maintaining a healthy regime for people of all ages. But the prerequisite of glass of great juice is a good juicer. But with all the varieties of juicers, finding the right one is a bit tricky.

I personally prefer masticating juicers over centrifugal ones.

In my article, “Masticating Juicer Buying Guide: How to Choose an Appropriate One?” I will explain why and also mention things you need to remember before you buy a masticating juicer.

Buying Guide

Why Masticating Style Juicer and Not Centrifugal Ones?

One reason for me to prefer masticating juicers is that the centrifugal juicers rotate too fast. As a result, heat builds up in the juice that neutralizes the enzymes and vitamins that inhabit the fruits and vegetables.

On the contrary, masticating juicers rotate at a speed as slow as 80 RPM. The juicers chew through your fruit and vegetables to yield you more juice without building up froth or heat. The enzymes and vitamins remain intact; juices become tastier, and you get pulp-free juice.

If you remember few key factors while buying a suitable masticating juicer for yourselves out of the thousands that are in the market, you will strike the perfect deal. Let us discuss these factors. :)

Key Factor No. 1 – Choose Between Single and Double Auger Juicers

The masticating juicers can be based on single auger and double augers. Single Auger masticating juicers are cheap but malfunction relatively quickly. As there is only one gear, which juices, it won’t be able to juice large quantity of fruits and vegetables.

On the other hand, Double Auger juicers have two gears/augers working simultaneously for juicing. They can juice leafy vegetables, wheat grass, fruits and anything you throw at them.

Double Auger juicers are able to handle heavy loads, and they juice with more power thanks to twin gears.

Key Factor 2 – Force and Speed

When using masticating juicers, remembered that the slower the juicer operates, the better the results are. The speed for a masticating juicer won’t top 100 RPM. Because, they are slow in speed, masticating juicers is great when juicing vegetables.

People will need higher speed when juicing fruits though. For that, get a best masticating juicer which is equipped with “Dual Speed” or “Speed Switching Mode.”

But slow speed doesn’t mean a masticating juicer is low on power. The motor of the juicer works on developing torque instead of speed. So, there is ample power when you need it. Buy the masticating juicers with the most output in terms of torque as well.

Key Factor 3 – Maintenance

Masticating juicers have delicate parts inside which are hard to dismantle. Choose a masticating juicer which can be disintegrated easily for easy cleaning.

A fix to the “Maintenance” issue is a masticating juicer with reverse motion. The “Reverse Motion” allows the juicer to prevent clogging and exerts the remains of fruits or vegetables.

Key Factor 4 – Choose the Form and Size of the Juicer Carefully

The advantage of owning masticating juicer is that it produces high volume of juice, and it can juice almost anything. But operating these masticating juicers is hard. The process involves pushing the fruits/veggies down the chute. You need to be slow in doing that.

At that time, it is natural for something to get stuck inside the gears. You need to quickly dismantle the juicer, take out the trash from the gear and put it together again.

It will really help if you choose a small size masticating juicer so that you can move the juicer around and open it up easily when needed.

Tips You Can Follow When Choosing a Slow-Speed Juicer

  • List the things you want from your masticating juicer. Remember, each juicer is different and has unique capabilities. Choose one, which matches your requirements the most.
  • List down things you juice frequently. Choose a juicer which will be able to juice your ingredients easily and within short time for you.
  • There is an “Oxidation Number” for every juicer. Ask the vendor or find reviews mentioning the number for you. These numbers tell you how long the juice can be safely stored. Buy a masticating juicer with high numbers.
  • Don’t go for a number of juicers. Shortlist the juicers based on capacities. Then pick one that suits your budget the most.

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If you have any question on how to buy a Masticating Juicer, please ask me, I would love to get back to you with an answer.

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