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Beet Juice cycling: For Better, Harder, and stronger Performance

Are you aware of the power of beet juice cycling?
Beet Juice cycling
Various well-designed studies proved that beet juice consumption can improve athletic performances such as mountain biking or Exercise biking drastically. Beet juice allows your muscles to perform well by using less oxygen.

It also helps to produce energy in your body more efficiently.

According to some major findings, beet juice consumption helped the cyclists to ride 16 percent longer than those who do not consume the juice.

The beet juice also helped them to increase the cycling intensity with less oxygen cost. Beet juice also helped to improve performance and power output up to 10k cycling time trials.

The Magic Ingredients in Beets

Beetroot is the rich source of many health promoting substances, which include antioxidants like quercetin, resveratrol, and betalain.

However, various studies have proved that the performance benefits of beets are provided by nitrates. However, the underlying mechanism behind it is still unclear.

But, some recent researches shed some lights on this issue.

Your body can convert nitrate in beets to nitrite. But some of the nitrites are converted into nitric oxide, which is known for promoting cardiovascular health and regulating blood pressure.

Nitric oxide also provides numerous health benefits to your body. It is responsible for regulating vasodilation, improving blood flow, and relaxing blood vessels.

Thus, it helps to provide more oxygen to your muscles. Additionally, nitric oxide also helps to make muscle mitochondria more efficient.

Beet Juice and Cyclists

Beet juice is the best health drink for improving the stamina of an athlete. Besides boosting the performance of a cyclist, the beet juice also helps to treat lung and heart problems and improve the general overall health.

According to a study in 2011, cyclists who consumed a half liter of beet juice a half hour before performing a time trial could ride faster than the cyclists ingest beet juice without nitrate.

The Exeter-led study revealed that nitrates provide plenty of benefits.

It can boost the endurance of cyclists by 16 percent. In fact, nitrates have the power to bring oxygen to the muscles quickly, which makes the hard efforts easier.

Besides beets, nitrates are also available in other vegetables such as lettuce, radishes, parsley, celery, endive, and Chinese cabbage.

Mountain bikers, cyclists, and athletes are not the only ones who benefit from nitrates. It is also highly beneficial for elderly people and those with heart, lung, and metabolic disease. Nitrates help to supply increased oxygen to the body.

The scientists also found that those who consume nitrates also had a low resting blood pressure because the juice helps to dilate blood vessels.

Beet juice is also highly beneficial for hydrating an athlete. Maintaining electrolytes are highly challenging, particularly when you compete in the heat.

Mountain biking and cycling are some of such sports. The potassium content in beet juice is very high. Therefore, it can help you to regulate fluid levels in your body and balance electrolytes.

Besides, the anti-inflammatory property of beet juice is very high because it contains betaine. Therefore, the juice is best for reducing the risk of chronic inflammation and illness.
It is also the rich source of vitamins such as B1, B2, B6, C, and A.

Is it a super juice?

If you consume beet juice for a few days or finding some other kitchen items, it can provide you remarkable physiological benefits. Therefore, the juice is highly beneficial for endurance athletes like cyclists and mountain bikers.

If you consume the juice for just six days, it can enhance the blood flow in your muscles. It is helpful for reducing the amount of oxygen needed by exercising your muscles.

In such a way, the juice increases the efficiency and tolerance of your muscles to high-intensity workouts. So, you can extend the endurance.

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