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My name is Hernandez, and my family member says that I am a juicer fanatic. I am invariably crazy about juicing. My Dad and Mom constantly like to make different kinds of juice. And sense of my childhood I began my love affair with juice. It is now 23 years since from my puerility, and I have tried, loved, tested, hated, smashed, buried, trashed, mourned, gifted hundred juicers. I love juicing and always eager to share my experiences with my friends and to all.

The juicerly.com is my platform to share my experiences, stories and thoughts with you.

About Us

Why Juicerly?

I started this website few days ago. I was thinking how I can share my knowledge and stories, opinions, reviews, with my friends. It is a little bit hard to find the exact information by any website. That’s why I take decisions that I will explore all of my thoughts, my experiences, Reviews, Discussion with all juicing experts, which will be helpful to you and know more about juicing, and you can easily discover that which juicer will be the best one for you.

I understand how the right juicer is a matter to you. Only this is the reason I have started Juicerly.com with a little amount of money.

What you will get?

I am going to share all of my suggestions to you. I am suggesting you the finest juicer model ever that has best reviews and discovers your discounts for the Juicers. Here I am also supplying you the comparison between the products.Hope it will be the easiest way to find and chose the best juicer for you according to your demand, Model and prize range.

Be connected:

If you have any question about The Juicerly.com and about any specific products, Please don’t hesitate to contact with me. I will be happy if I can assist you anyway. I will try my level best to assist you anyway I can and give your every single question answer. Feel free to ask me any question by using this contact page.

You can find me on social media also. Stay connected with my social media page ( Facebook Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Tumblr) for later  update.

Keep Green always.
Hernandez Walker
Founder, Juicerly.com

Let Your Friend Know.

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